What is an Angel Reading?

An Angel reading involves the use of Angel oracle cards as a starting point to discover what guidance the Angels have for you in your life. You can ask for guidance on specific questions or situations, or ask the Angels for general advice about how you should proceed with your life.

Typically during an Angel reading, your personal Guardian Angels, as well as the Archangels will come through with messages for you. I pass these messages on by interpreting the visions, sounds, thoughts and feelings that I get during the session.

After an Angel reading, you will know who to call on and how your Angels can help you, which is very reassuring as you go through life changes.

Our Angels want us to live our lives to our full potential, and to fulfill our Divine life purpose. Their messages are always loving and encouraging.

Rates & Pricing

30 minute reading - $30

1 hour reading - $50

Readings are available in person, or by telephone, Skype or email for International clients.

Paypal payment is available for International Clients.