Messages from your Angels
Messages from your Angels

Your loving and supportive Guardian Angels and the Archangels are ready to pass on messages which will guide you to your happiest ever life!

Do you ever:
  • See white feathers wherever you go?
  • Find coins in strange places?
  • Smell flowers when there are none in sight?
  • Hear beautiful music for no reason?
  • Hear your name being called when you are alone?
  • See clouds which look like angels?
  • Feel a wing brush gently on your face?
  • See sparkly, bright lights around you?

If so, your Angels may be trying to get your attention! This site will give you the knowledge that you need to contact your Angels, and put you in touch with Vicky , an experienced Angel Reader.
' Angels have no philosophy but Love'
Adeline Cullen-Ray
Contact Vicky for an Angel Reading. Price are:

$30 for 30 minutes
$50 for 1 hour
Face to Face, Telephone & Email readings available.