The Archangels
Archangel Michael 

When the topic of Archangels comes up in conversation, the Rock Star of the Angelic Realm easily takes center stage. As an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, I am often asked to do Archangel Readings and find out which Archangel works the closest with the person I am reading. 99% of the time I hear warmth in my client's voice as they say, "I hope it is Michael". I believe most of us have a warm affinity for Archangel Michael. He is a Protector and Big Brother of us all.

How did Michael get so popular? Of all of the Archangels, Archangel Michael is the most well known throughout all religions. He is often depicted as the Leader of the Archangels, holding a mighty sword and killing anything evil that threatens the goodness of human life. Michael's name means, "He Who is Like God". This very name symbolizes Michael's power and grace in God's Kingdom.

Archangel Michael is a wonderful Archangel to get to know on a very personal level. Because he is so powerful, he has the ability to be in several places at once and assisting many people at the same time. One of his many gifts is the ability to protect and guide people. His auric colors, the colors surrounding him, look like a deep royal blue. Meditating on this color may help you see him in your mind's eye.

Many people envision protection as just protecting themselves from a physical danger. However, if you are attuned to Angels' energy, you must already be a sensitive person. Archangel Michael not only can protect you from physical dangers, but he is the best guardian for those of us who are so sensitive. He is happy to help emotionally protect you, when you have a big meeting coming up with a co-worker that pushes your buttons, or you are seeing your brother whom you have awkward relationships with.

You yourself can ask Archangel Michael to be with you in any situation at any time, for yourself or your loved ones. Here are some simple steps in connecting with Michael:

1. Breathe: Find a quiet spot if you can and sit, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Connect with that quiet spot within you and feel centered with the earth.
2. Surround: Ask your Higher Power to surround you with a white light. This protective light helps keep you centered and makes it easier for you to connect with the Angels.
3. Ask: Ask Archangel Michael to come to you. See if you can see him in your imagination. What does he look like? What colors are surrounding him? Ask him your request, whether it is to protect you during travel or a loved one who is far from home. Ask him for validation that he did in fact hear your question. He can send you a sign in your life, like a feather, or a certain song on the radio.
4. Thank: Thank Michael and your Higher Power for being there for you and hearing your prayers.
5. Receive: Receive the peace that Michael heard your request. Receive the validation from the signs Michael sends you.

Enjoy your connection with this amazing Archangel. You'll find your life grow in magical ways as you allow the Angels to touch your heart everyday! Namaste!

Annie Bathgate is an Angel Therapy Practitioner® certified by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. and director of ReturnToHarmony, which provides phone and email Angel Readings. She publishes a free monthly e-newsletter for Lightworkers interested in developing their personal relationships with their Angels. Email us to inquire about a Free Sample Experience of the Angels. You can email Annie directly at: